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Good News for Savers

I currently have a life insurance company paying very competitive rates on 5 year annuities.

This is designed to be a savings alternative to a low-paying CD.

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Annuities are designed to give you an income you can never outlive. No matter how old you get, a properly designed annuity can give you an income for life, freeing you from the biggest worry of old age - outliving your money.

Another increasingly popular use for an annuity is as a short term (5 year) savings vehicle. If you have a CD or money market account sitting around getting 1% interest, a short-term annuity can provide safety and a higher interest rate. These annuities are not designed to provide income - they are strictly a savings product.

Annuities can have fixed interest rates or can be indexed - all have minimum guarantees. My license is not a securities license. It does not allow me to show you risky investments or one in which you can lose your capital. I sleep better at night this way - and so will you.

If you'd like more information about annuities, take a look at this short video (about 4 minutes). It is not a "sales pitch". It simply offers information about different types of annuities and their uses.


There are many annuity products out there. I recommend only the best and would be happy to sit down and discuss your needs and goals. Give me a call at:


or send me an email at and let me tell you about some options.