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Critical Illness Coverage

When you're diagnosed with a critical illness, like cancer, stroke or a heart attack your focus needs to be on your physical survival - not your financial survival!

While your major medical coverage will usually pay for doctors and hospitals, there are many costs associated with recovery that they don't pay - and those costs can be HUGE! Deductibles, home health care, travel to specialists - all are costs you'll need to pay. And if you're off work while you recover, you still have normal bills to pay.

Critical illness coverage pays you a lump sum benefit when you are diagnosed with a critical illness. That money is paid directly to YOU - and you decide how to spend it. Pay your deductible. Pay for home health care. Go to the Bahamas. Whatever - the money is yours and the decisions are yours.

In these days of high-deductible medical policies, you can't afford to be without this coverage. It will help protect you and your family against the financial stresses caused by an illness. So you can focus on getting better - not on paying the bills.

Above is a short video that explains more about critical illness coverage. Take a look at it and then give me a call at 1-888-565-9556 and we can discuss whether this coverage is right for you or send me an email at and let's talk.