Long Term Care Insurance

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Long Term Care

It's the subject we don't want to think about - much less discuss. Along with life's everyday pleasures there is the possiblity that it can all change suddenly - whether due to a disability from an accident or illness, or just as a natural result of aging.

And most of us want to be in control when the need arises. And being in control means making a plan.

Most people would prefer to stay in their homes, many would prefer to have loved-ones be able to assist them (and some wouldn't dream of asking a family member to do it!) - everyone is different. Long term care options can be tailored to fit your situation and provide the money to give you care your way.

It is expensive? It can be. But many of today's policies are surprisingly affordable.

In addition, there can be some tax and estate benefits with a long term care policy.

Because the policies can be very complex, agents are required to complete special training in long term care. I started taking this training over 10 years ago and continue updating my education on this important subject today. I keep current with what the market has to offer so I can help my clients work through the many choices available.

The following video provides some additional information about long-term care insurance.

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