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Tom Blanchard Insurance

I have access to some really good 4 minute videos on a variety of financial and insurance topics, plus a daily series (1 a day for about 20 days) on financial planning & security. If you'd like to get a specific topic, or a whole series, drop me an email at and I'll send you a link.


Yes, that's me in the racecar. I've been doing it all my life. My father told me not to waste my money on wine, women & song, so I wasted it on cars & motorcycles instead.



My name is Tom Blanchard and I want to be your health and life insurance professional.


I'm not some guy at the other end of 1-800-I DON'T GIVE A HOOT! I'm a real, live person and I've spent over 35 years helping individuals, small business owners and senior citizens with their personal insurance needs. I answer my own phone and I'm available 24/7.

I am a broker. That means I represent only my clients. I maintain contracts with a number of top-rated insurance companies and I take the time to find only the best policies for my clients. That way, when I recommend something to you, I know it's the best possible choice for you.

I live in Silver City NM, however I am licensed in 8 states and keep current on regulations and options in all of them. And if you need my help and don't live in a state where I hold a license, I'll get one so I can help you.

My specialties are life and health insurance, Medicare supplement coverage, annuities, long term care coverage and critical illness, disability and dental insurance. It is always my goal to ensure you have the coverage you need to protect you and your familly against financial disaster in the face of an unforeseen accident, illness or death. I don't do personal property insurance - I help insure what is most important - YOU!

If I sound like your kind of agent - the kind you can call anytime and rely on to help figure out what's best for you, give me a call on my dime at


or email me at:

I'll be happy to help you make the decisions that will give you and your family peace of mind and financial security.